Terms and Conditions

Payment for Goods shall be in Indian Rupee (Rs.) unless otherwise specified in writing. Payments received after the due date specified in the invoice shall bear a service charge which will accrue from the due date whether inscribed on the relevant invoice or otherwise agreed, at the maximum lawful interest rate applicable and if none – at the annual rate of 5% above the base rate from time to time of the central bank of the place of Buyer’s incorporation. All payments shall be made to the Seller’s designated bank account in the same currency and will include all bank charges for the same amounts as specified in the Approval of Order. The Seller reserves the right to demand cash in advance on any sales

Prices, Duties, and Taxes specified in the Approval of Order are net, excluding packaging, and are based on production costs for supplies, labor, deliveries, services current on the order date. In the event of a material increase in any such costs, Seller reserves the right to either adjust the prices for Goods accordingly or to cancel any certain part of the sales relating to undelivered Goods. Duties, taxes, fees, levies, and other compulsory payments applicable to the sale of Goods any time, as well as freight, express, insurance, and delivery charges, shall all be borne and paid in full by Buyer, unless otherwise expressly stipulated.

 Delivery dates noted on the Approval of Order are subject to reasonable adjustment. The acceptance of shipment by a common carrier or by any licensed shall constitute proper delivery. The risk associated with the Goods shall pass to Buyer on delivery or with the passing of title in the Goods, whichever occurs first; provided, however, that where delivery is delayed due to circumstances caused by or within the responsibility of Buyer. Unless otherwise specified in writing in the Purchase Order or Contract, all charges, expenses, or taxes associated with the delivery shall be paid by the Buyer.

Cancellation and postponement of orders

Deliveries in respect of orders for goods may only be postponed with the written agreement of the Seller. If the Buyer cancels an order, The Seller will endeavor to find an alternative Buyer but will be entitled to charge up to 100% of the product retail cost set by the Seller. Orders for goods manufactured or purchased in accordance with the Buyer’s specifications may not be canceled without the written authority of the Seller. The Buyer undertakes to indemnify the Seller for all costs and expenses resulting from a breach of this condition by the Buyer.

Retention of Title

Title shall pass to Buyer only upon full payment by Buyer for the Goods and following payment of any other outstanding debt by Buyer to Seller. Buyer shall, at Seller’s request, take any measures necessary under applicable law to protect Seller’s title in the Goods, and lawfully notify Buyer’s present or potential creditors of Seller’s title on and interest in the Goods. Buyer acknowledges that so long as title has not been transferred in the Goods, it holds the Goods as bailee and fiduciary agent for the Seller and shall safely and securely store and keep the Goods separate and in good condition, clearly showing the Seller’s ownership of the Goods and shall respectively record the Seller’s ownership of the Goods in its books. Notwithstanding the above, Buyer may use Goods for its own use, or sell Goods, as fiduciary agent for the Seller, to a third party in the normal course of business by bona fide sale at market value, whereby proceeds of such storage, usage, or sale of Goods, as the case may be, shall, to the extent of the amount being owed by Buyer to Seller at the time of receipt of such proceeds, be held by Buyer on trust for Seller and specifically ascertained, until payment in full for all payable debts by Buyer to Seller.

Claims and Liability

  1. a) Unless Seller shall within 7 days after delivery of the Goods, receive from Buyer written notice of any matter or thing by reason whereof it is alleged that Goods are not in accordance with the Contract, Goods delivered shall be deemed to have been supplied, delivered and accepted in all respects in full conformity with the Contract and Buyer shall be entitled neither to reject the same nor to raise any claim for damages or for other remedies in respect of any alleged negligence and/or breach of warranty and/or any condition.
  2. b) In any claim, brought subject to the conditions above, the Buyer must prove to the satisfaction of Seller that it followed Seller’s instructions for use, care, storage, maintenance, handling, and application of the Goods.
  3. c) Unless otherwise specifically restricted by mandatory applicable law, Seller’s liability under any claim and in connection with any possible allegation, whether based on negligence, contract, or any other cause of action, shall be limited to either (i) the replacement of the Goods or the supply of equivalent goods; (ii) the repair, or payment of the cost of repair, of the Goods; or (iii) credit in an amount equal to the purchase price specified in Seller’s pertinent invoice, or in a number of equivalent goods, all at Seller’s sole option.

Independent Delivery

Each delivery of Goods shall (without prejudice to Seller’s rights under clause 8 hereinabove:

Clause 8 addresses both in-house and outsourced processes, while the overall process management includes adequate criteria to control these processes, as well as ways to manage planned and unintended change.The overall process management includes having process criteria, controlling the processes within the criteria, controlling planned change and addressing unintended change as necessary.  The organization shall plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet its discipline-specific requirements.The organization is required to:

  • Establish criteria for the processes (possibly in work instructions)
  • Implement control of the processes, in accordance with the criteria (possibly through training and awareness)
  • Keep documented information to the extent necessary to have confidence that the processes have been carried out as planned (possibly within its QMS, or integrated MS)
  • Control planned changes and review the consequences of unintended changes, taking action to mitigate any adverse effects (possibly through the management of change process)
  •  Ensuring outsourced processes are controlled. This would include control and/or influence (depending on its ability to do so — the size of the order, importance to an external organization, etc.) be considered a separate contract and the failure of any delivery shall not vitiate any contract as to deliveries of other Goods and payment, therefore.


Any provisions specified or implied by herein or elsewhere notwithstanding, any advice, recommendation, information, assistance or service provided by Seller in relation to the Goods or in respect of their use or application is given in good faith, shall be deemed accepted by Buyer without imputation of any liability to Seller, and it shall be the responsibility of Buyer to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the same in light of the use of which Buyer makes or intends to make of the Goods.

Entire Agreement

This Contract merges the entire terms and conditions for the sale of the Goods. In the event of any conflict between the terms herein and any provisions included in the Approval of Order, the latter shall govern and prevail. Subject to the foregoing, nothing specified in, or referred to by, any other document, record, or instrument whatsoever, which relates to and/or which otherwise subsists in connection with the sale of Goods herein, whether expressly or impliedly, including any written order, request or other standard or specific terms of any entity, shall or may be interpreted to attribute to Seller and/or to Seller’s affiliates or representatives (i) any liability, obligation, commitment and/or undertaking, and/or (ii) any waiver in connection with or of any right, whether contractual, proprietary, in-personal and/or equitable, including but not limited to, any and all intellectual property rights in connection with the Goods, which are and shall always remain in the Seller’s exclusive and complete ownership under all circumstances whatsoever, notwithstanding any sale of Goods hereunder and whether the Goods shall be standard Goods or manufactured to a specific order. The Buyer shall refrain at all times and for whatever purpose from infringing, contesting, disputing, or questioning such rights, patents, trademarks, titles, or interests, nor shall it aid or allow others to do so, regardless of whether directly or indirectly. No modification or waiver of any provision hereof shall become valid and effective except upon a written instrument duly signed beforehand by Seller. No waiver by either party of any default of the other party shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent or other default.



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